“Unlike gold or silver jewelry, which derives most of its value from the intrinsic worth of its metal, copper jewelry must derive its worth from the beauty of its design alone.

Well-designed copper pieces from the Mid-Century Modern era are arguably rarer today than many of their gold or silver cousins.”

– Some Guy I Married

This site’s purpose is to document, as comprehensively as possible, the jewelry patterns created by Renoir of California™, including their Renoir, Matisse, and Sauteur lines.

This is largely a labor of love that I started to provide me with a quick reference when I was out and about. Although it is a publicly available site, it is currently informational only and not intended to be interactive.

I hope you will enjoy perusing the many interesting and unique patterns I am able to document and, like me, come to the conclusion that Mid-Century copper jewelry is an underestimated embodiment of that era’s design aesthetic.